Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The olive trees that are grown in the Asolo hills are in fact the trees that are positioned in the northernmost latitude of all Europe.

Due to the latitude, the organoleptic properties and the weather conditions, the olive trees produce fruits with exceptional organoleptic peculiarities. Because of the latitude, we have a lower yield for quantity of olives per plant compared to the other regions such as Tuscany or Apulia. Plus, our production is totally organic and this once again impacts on the productivity.

Our olive trees are all grown in the hill on the southern part in order to prevent them to frost during winter. Because of the steepness of the hill everything has to be done by hand (the mulching, the picking).

The olives are harvested by hand and brought daily to the mill in order to avoid the quality loss that could be caused by the begging of the natural fermentation.




In other regions this process does not exist, as they place some nets under the trees and they wait until the olives are completely ripened. The picking is done only a month later (after the placements of the nets) when all the olives have already fallen from the trees. With this type of picking a good number of olives are already rotten and this compromises the quality.

The composition of the land, the microclimate and the high technology used to cold press the olives allow to obtain a product of an upper-level quality, with very low acidity and unique aromas and flavours. It is very harmonic, has very high olfactory sensations that reminisce freshly mown grass, herbs, artichoke, fresh almond, a freshness index and excellent preservation of the final product.

The olive oil is both bitter and pungent but in perfect harmony between the aromas and flavours. Chemically the product has high quality parameters with a good ratio of fatty acids, oleic acid and polyphenols. (Rich of Polyphenols 300mg/kg, low acidity 0,15%).

We have a limited production of this olive oil with high health characteristics, meant for a customer that is able to appreciate the excellence of the product.