Semi sparkling white wine
Colli Trevigiani IGT

DiFondo - Organic & Vegan

Wine with sometimes veiled straw colour. Because of the presence of the yeasts inside the bottle, the fragrances are in constant evolution. In the first months the scents are fresh and fruity and then they evolve to complex mineral scents with a taste of ripe fruit. The flavour follows the same phenomenon: at first it is more fresh and than it softens over the months. We suggest you to turn the bottle upside down before opening it to mix the yeasts again and muddy the wine. This to get scents and flavours more bright and aromatic. The choice is yours.

This is a wine that makes you remember the traditions of the past times. The refermentation in bottle is the very first method of production of sparkling wines and it has been adopted for decades most of all in Veneto region.

Vinification: since the period when the sparkling making techniques (the current autoclave) didn’t exist, Prosecco was put in bottles with its own yeasts and it was placed in rest period in the houses cellars. In that period the refermentation in bottles took place. The residual sugars were transformed in sinuous bubbles by the yeasts. After some months it became a sparkling wine. The wine was ready to be tasted with its own reformation yeasts that were in the bottom of the bottle. That is why its name is ‘Col Fondo’ (Sur-lie).

Bresolin decided to rediscover the ancient tastes by offering this prosecco wine like it was made in the past.

  • Serving suggestions:

    It is excellent with aperitifs but also with starters and fried fish dishes.

  • Features:
    Viticolture Organic
    Registered name Colli Trevigiani IGT
    Grape variety Glera grapes
    Residual sugars <1 g/l
    Alcohol 10,5%
    Size 0,75l
    Service temperature 4/6°C
    Food pairing Starter, aperitif, fish, cured meat
    Type White wine, Semi sparkling wine
    Winery Bresolin
    Region Veneto