Recantina DOC Asolo Montello

2020 Biologico

Recantina is a variety of grape (black grape) that was endangered for a long time. A vineyard that was very popular and common that has been cultivated for almost 4 centuries in the area around Treviso, especially in Asolo and Castelfranco.

The first mention of Recantina grape variety being grown, dates back to Agostinetti at the end of the 17th Century. He described it as one of the best grape variety of the area.

At the begging of the 20th Century Recantina was almost disappeared, mysteriously gone missing all of a sudden. Luckily it survived in the memory of some winemaker but most importantly in some old vineyard rows in the Asolo Hills. 

Today, thanks to a long and rigorous research work, Recantina is safe from extinction. It is now grown in just 10 hectares by not more than 10 winemakers, as a result the production is very limited. It’s no coincidence that Recantina is compared to a precious gem that has been able to defy decades if not centuries.

We grow our Recantina in the Asolo hills. The regular temperature swings and the good exposition allow us to have an excellent maturation of the grapes. Vinified with maceration of 15 days with selected yeasts and a subsequent refinement in steel tanks for at least 10 months. It is strongly coloured with marked purple tones. The wine on the nose is perceived with cornel berry, black cherry, black currant with a spicy scent. It has a good structure, persistent flavour and well-balanced.        

To taste Recantina is like to taste a sip of history, an exclusive and rare wine that gives intense emotions to those who try it.

  • Serving suggestions:

    Taste it with: rabbit stew, grilled meat and aged cheese

  • Features:

    Production Area: Asolo Hills
    Alcohol: 12% Vol.
    Service Temperature: 18-20°C