Extra Virgin Olive Oil BIO

Green Gold

Production area
Asolo hills, Maser (Treviso), Italy.

Olive variety
Frantoio, leccino, grignano, pendolino, maurino.

Picking period
The olives are picked between mid-October and mid-November.
It is exclusively made manually with the help of mechanical facilitators.

The olives are carried to the qualified and AIPO accredited social crusher on the day they are harvested and put in crates.
The process in cold working with the uninterrupted method at monitored temperature (it doesn’t exceed 27°C) in order not to modify the oil organoleptic characteristics.

Organoleptic analysis
Bright and intense shiny green colour with golden hints. Clear scent of olive. Its fragrance opens harmonically with soft grassy marks. To taste, firstly it is sweet with soft bitter sensations, which are well-balanced to spicy ones. It can accompain every type of food, it can be used fresh on bruschette, pinzimonio, salads, soups, fresh or cooked legumes. It is ideal on meat and fish.

It is available in 250 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml and 1 litre bottles.

The acidity is a parameter that indicates the oleic acid percentage in oils and it is the main quality indicator. The lower is its rate, the higher is its quality. The maximum acidity limit for Extra Virgin Olive Oil corresponds to 0,8%.

The free acidity of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 0,15%.
The quantity of polyphenols is more than 300 mg/kg.